​About Us

Hello, and thank you for visiting our Semper Pawz Maine Coon website. We are located in Havelock, North Carolina, which is also referred to as Eastern North Carolina. Havelock is a small, quaint community that is located just 30 minutes east of Atlantic Beach. Havelock is also the home to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, which is the world's largest Marine Corps Air Station. Not only are we proud Maine Coon breeders, we are also a proud military family. My husband is a retired United States Marine who still continues to work in the military sector. 

Semper Pawz is a small cattery that operates within our home. Because we love the XXXL Maine Coons found in some catteries internationally, we chose to continue those lines within our cattery by selectively importing both males and female kittens from select breeders from around the world to be used in our breeding program. Currently, we have imported Maine Coons from the following countries:  Poland, France, Israel, Russia, Germany, and Ukraine. Through selective breeding, these Maine Coon breeders I've chosen to work with have created and mastered a line of XXXL Maine Coons that are exceeding the standards of FIFe, WCF, TICA and CFA. In addition to the cats' extra-large size, they also focus on traits such as a feral/wild appearance; proper ear placement with huge lynx-tipped ears; large, square muzzles; and sound temperament. 

In addition to our international Maine Coons, we also have an outstanding line of Maine Coon cats that hail from respected Maine Coon breeders throughout the United States. These cats also offer outstanding traits that meet and exceed CFA & TICA standards. We here at Semper Pawz enjoy integrating the "American" and "International" lines in order to establish a distinct "Semper Pawz" style of exceptional Maine Coon cats.

Our cattery is dual registered with CFA and TICA, the two largest cat associations. In addition to all my breeding cats being FIV/Felv negative, they also come from catteries that are also FIV/Felv negative. Our breeding cats have all been genetically tested for HCM 1, HCM 3, SMA, PKD, PD, rdAc-PRA, GSD Type IV, and Blood Typing (DNA) Genotyping. We are a "closed cattery," meaning we do not allow other cats within our cattery, nor do we provide stud services. We also do not allow random or scheduled visitation to see our cats or kittens, except on days of pickup. This is to ensure the health of the kittens and cats within our cattery.

Our cats are never caged; they all live in the comforts of our home where they are able to move around freely, even alongside our yorkies and German Shepherds. Of course, the Maine Coons rule the roost. It's not long before the kittens end up sharing our king-sized bed with us.